Our hand embroideries should be dry cleaned only, this should be conducted by a specialist dry cleaning company.

To eliminate any dust particles that could adhere to and damage the fabric, embroideries should be gently and carefully vacuumed once or twice a year using a low powered hand held vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting with a protective muslin cover over the nozzle.

All embroideries should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid damage.

To prevent any threads catching it is necessary wherever possible to avoid two embroidered surfaces coming into contact with each other, any form of abrasion should be avoided.

Should there be any accidental spillage on the fabric the area should be gently blotted with white paper towel to remove the moisture and then cool air should be circulated around it either with a fan or a hair dryer on a cool setting and if damage persists a specialist dry cleaner should be enlisted.