All of our embroideries are made by hand and despite our best endeavours it is not always possible to achieve exact precision of measurements – please allow a tolerance of +/- 5%

Metallic yarns are subject to mellowing over a period of time in response to atmospheric conditions this is not a fault but a natural characteristic of the materials used. Excessive humidity should be avoided as this will accelerate this natural ageing process.

All layout diagrams are representative of the finished goods, the same layout and dimensions will be used when the embroidery is made.  It is essential that these diagrams are checked for seam placement, dimensions and general pattern layout and all diagrams are signed and approved prior to embroidery commencing.

Any embroidery samples made for approval must be returned for the embroidery work to begin as these samples serve as our master record of client approved techniques and colours.

Please check quantity of ground cloth (and/or applique fabric) required with us prior to ordering from a third party supplier – it is generally necessary to add an extra 10% to the final quantity of cloth required to allow for seams, hems and possible shrinkage caused by the tension of the embroidery on the frame.

In the case of bespoke work where a client has provided the design direction, it is deemed as the responsibility of the buyer that the design is in free circulation and not already registered or under copyright.

If a client is supplying third party ground cloth fabrics it is the responsibility of the client to provide fabric for embroidery that has been checked and is free from faults.  Palestrina London cannot be held responsible for any shortages or defects in the ground cloth.

All taxes and duties are the responsibility of the client for any third party fabrics received from outside the UK.

For embroidery to commence a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required, balance to be paid prior to despatch of goods and in some instances prior to completion of order. To ensure the continuity of delivery, goods will be billed and will require balance payment, as and when they are produced.

Prices shown on our price list are to be used as a guideline only, prices will vary according to the overall dimensions requested, the amount of embroidery required, the techniques and the type of ground cloth.

Pelmets, chairbacks, sofa skirts and other such specific items will require a template to be provided by the client’s upholsterer or curtain maker.

Standard Turnell & Gigon Terms & Conditions apply – available on request